We’re Green

In these days of keeping our planet cool we are working hard to do our part to slow the warming and Urban Heat Island effects of hot roofs. Our unique approach to supporting green initiatives helps in several ways.

  • We work to preserve existing roofs
    Most roofing contractors’ answer to older roofs is to tear them off and continue the cycle of filling landfills with tons of roofing material. We do everything possible to preserve the life of the roof.
  • Saving Energy
    Dark roofs hold heat and transfer it into the building. Restoring roofs with reflective materials lowers the load on HVAC systems typically saving the owner 10-20% in cooling costs.
  • Cooler Asphalt
    Asphalt parking lots create heat. Our solar reflective parking lot coating makes it cooler to the touch.
Making roofs last instead of filling landfills is good for our environment.
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