Wall Repair/Restoration

Commercial Wall Water Repellants

We spray a variety of Silane/Siloxane sealants for external walls. New construction and older walls need to be sealed to keep your building envelope watertight. Our products seal masonry, natural stone, brick and other concrete masonry units.

The wall sealants provide a visual beading and water shedding effect while allowing the substrate to breathe. All of our wall sealants meet OTC, CARB and other state and local emission regulations.

Elastomeric Wall Coatings

Using a high performance non-textured 100% elastomeric acrylic co-polymer wall coating protects your walls from wind driven rains and freeze thaw damage. In addition, it allows the wall surface to breathe and let trapped moisture escape.

The elastomeric properties bridge hairline cracks and non-structural cracks. Applications over concrete, CMU, block, precast, tilt walls and brick make it the ideal coating for nearly every exterior wall.

These wall coatings come in 7 standard colors and can be applied using a sprayer or roller. At times, overspray may be a concern.

Standard colors are white, medium bronze, royal brown, dark gray, gray, sandstone, and terra cotta. Custom colors are available on request.

A large portion of leaks attributed to the roof are wall issues.

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