Pedestrian/Traffic Coatings

Traffic and Pedestrian Coatings

We spray a variety of sealants for parking lots, playgrounds and rooftop decks/pools. New construction and older traffic surfaces need to be sealed to make them last. Our products seal asphalt and concrete.

The coatings provide a visual aesthetic to mundane surfaces as well as waterproofing to extend their lifespan. All of our traffic and pedestrian sealants meet OTC, CARB and other state and local emission regulations.

Coatings for Rooftop Decks and Pools

Using a high performance textured coating protects your balconies, decks and pool decks from UV and water damage. In addition, a coating will seal and waterproof decks over finished living areas.

A large portion of leaks attributed to the roof are rooftop deck and balcony issues.

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