Maintenance Programs

HarborCare is an array of services designed to help building owners proactively preserve their roof assets and lower their cost of ownership. It relieves the stresses and unpredictable costs of a reactive approach to roof maintenance. Along with financial savings, it creates a recorded knowledge base of roof inventories and allows the building owner/manager to make educated decisions to maintain them. We believe in helping you manage your commercial roof assets correctly and that roof replacement should be utilized as a last resort.

RoofCare Service to meet the your unique needs

Commercial Roof Maintenance

HarborCare – Premium

HarborCare Premium includes more extensive maintenance which allows you to prevent future damage. Premium includes:

  • Standard Inspection
  • Detailed Inspection Report
  • Preventative Maintenance
    • Annual or Semi-Annual
    • Roof Clean Up
    • Caulking corners, seams, penetrations, minor defects at expansion joints
    • Sealing deteriorated flashing laps, coping joints & along the perimeter
  • 5-Year Management Plan


The following services can be added to your HarborCare program:

  • SafeRoof Survey
  • GutterCare
  • SkylightCare
  • WallCare

  • Pressure Washing
  • Pigeon Problems
  • Water Test
RoofCare customers receive first priority for emergency repairs.

Kansas City: (913) 489-7890
Wichita: (316) 644-6768