Our inspectors are here to help manage your roof portfolio. Knowing and tracking your roof types and their condition is the first step. Regular roof inspections is the most overlooked service in the roofing industry. SHC roof inspectors are experts at finding defects, leaks, hail damage, as well as, recommending proper repairs if necessary.

We offer free basic inspections or for a small price we will do a comprehensive diagnostic SafeRoof Survey.

Knowledge is power so now is the time to take control of your roof assets.

Core Samples

We take core samples of roofing systems to test their tensile strength, moisture content and physical makeup. This is a diagnostic tool that helps determine what options are viable for the owner. In some cases, an independent laboratory is used to analyze the core.

Infrared Scans

We utilize Infrared Thermography to identify moisture in the roofing system. This is a crucial step when considering a roof overlay / retrofit or renovation. The last thing you want to do is trap moisture in the system, which can lead to further damage and mold.


Roof leaks can be very difficult to trace, especially on low-slope or flat roofs. We use Tramex Moisture Scanners to track the source of leaks and pinpoint moisture in the roofing system. Fast and accurate results allow building owners/managers to avoid costly and time-consuming leak investigation.

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