Roof Coatings

Flat Roof Coating

Extending the life of your roof and lowering your cost of ownership is a big deal to us.

If your roof shows significant wear and needs extensive roof repairs. Then a roof coating is a sustainable, long-term and cost-effective solution to avoid premature roof replacement.

Great Warranties Available

You can have a roof coating installed on your metal or flat roof and receive up to a 20 year manufacturer’s labor and material warranty. Essentially the same warranty you would receive if you completely replaced the roof.

Keep in mind, you must have your roof coating installed by a manufacturer certified roofing contractor to have access to these top level roof warranties.

Metal Roof Coatings

Roof Coating Benefits

  • Energy Savings, reduce cooling costs by 10-20%
  • 30-40% savings compared to tear-off and replacement
  • Tax advantages for being maintenance
  • Manufacturer warranties up to 20 years (labor & material)
  • Fluid applied roofs are seamless monolithic membranes eliminating common roof failure points
  • Little or no interruption to your business

Commercial Roof Coating Types

  1. SPS – Silicone
  2. CPS – Urethanes/Thermoplastics
  3. EPS – Acrylics
  4. APS – SBS Modified Aluminum (metal roofs)
Roof Coatings

Roof Restoration Typically Includes

  • Roof diagnostics
  • Clear debris
  • High pressure wash
  • Remove deteriorated repairs
  • Restore or seal each scupper, drain, seam, corner, penetration and expansion joint
  • Install fluid-applied base coat or primer to entire roof
  • Install 1-2 Energy Star top coats to entire roof (silicone, urethane, acrylic or aluminized)
  • Quality control inspections throughout the process
  • Issue Manufacturer’s Warranty (10 – 20 year)

Considering a roof coating? PROCEED WITH CARE

It is important to recognize that fluid-applied systems is a specialty niche in the roofing industry. Qualified contractors partner with manufacturers to have a complete set of specs written for each job and understand the nuances of each system. Without full diagnostics, in-depth roof qualification and installation to manufacturer specs the likelihood greatly increases that a major roof failure will occur. Fluid-applied roof renovation is often more technical and complex than standard roof replacements. SHC Roofing specializes in this field of roofing. Our project managers are factory trained to understand your roof and how to properly restore it.

If your roof cannot be restored, as a last resort, we can replace it.

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