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7 Signs That You Need Urgent Commercial Roof Repair Services

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Your roofing system is arguably the most critical part of your commercial building. It protects all other systems from harsh weather elements while contributing to the overall stability of your structure. Keeping your commercial roof in top condition ought to be a priority.

With proper maintenance, most flat roofs can easily exceed the estimated 20years lifespan. As a property owner or manager, part of your responsibility is to identify signs that indicate that you need a commercial roof repair service.

Here are seven signs that it’s time to call in commercial roof repair contractors in Kansas City.

1. High Energy Bills

Your roof plays a critical role in the insulation of your commercial building. Conditioned attics can help prevent your HVAC units from overworking. Additionally, your roof can reflect the sun, keeping your indoor temperatures low. If you notice a spike in your electricity bills, it may be worth calling in a commercial roof repair company for an inspection.

2. Musty Odors

Water leaks in your commercial roof system can cause an accumulation of moisture above your ceiling. The water pools support mold growth, affecting your indoor air quality. The musty smell is often a result of the mold infestation on your roof. Commercial roof repair services can help patch up the water leaks immediately before calling in the mold remediation team.

3. Damage Around Roof Fixtures

A commercial roof system is made up of many intricate parts, including your HVAC units, flashings, chimneys, and vents. Damage to any of the components may affect the efficiency of the roofing system. Commercial roof repair contractors can help you diagnose the exact problem on your roof before carrying out the necessary replacement or repair.

4. Clogged Drains

You may have noticed that your gutters and downspouts aren’t draining water efficiently. If you notice that the volume of water draining from the roof isn’t equal to the downpour landing on your roof, you may need to call in a commercial roof repair company immediately. The clogged drain may cause an accumulation of water, which may spell trouble for your flat-bed roof.

5. Sagging Roof Parts

Improper insulation due to damaged roofs can result in parts of the ceiling or the roof sagging. Ice dams created after a snowfall can weigh down on your beams, leading to roof damage. The moisture may also cause damage to the roof deck, necessitating urgent attention from commercial roof repair contractors.

6. Bubbling and Blistering

Commercial roofs may form bubbles and blisters on the roof membrane due to the accumulation of moisture or air underneath. You may need to call in commercial roofers for an inspection and organize for repairs. A recurrent bubble may indicate roof membrane damage, which may require replacement.

7. Interior Water Damage

If your roof isn’t watertight, the water damage may spread to your ceilings, walls, and floors. The paint may start bubbling and peeling off, indicating that you may require urgent roof repairs. Water stains are another red flag.

Your commercial roof may require periodic checks and inspections to stay ahead of major issues before they hit home. If you spot anything unusual, reach out to SHC Roofing. Our commercial roof repair experts can provide on-demand inspection and repair services for your building.